This one is an Unusual Case report from Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality. Personally, I think the cat must have enjoyed it most of all, he probably had a ball.

Computer trojans and viruses are a plague upon the cyberscape and their number increase daily. This one threatens to bring down the whole of western civilisation. Well, at least that part of it dependent on the Internet. Isn't that becoming the whole of western civilisation?

Mark Twain once remarked, "lies, damned lies, and statistics". Time magazine is notorious for presenting data in a misleading manner. Almost any commercial advertisement comparing the sponsors latest and greatest product with Brand Y, overexaggerates insignificant, generally meaningless, differences. To me, these are symptomatic of the fact that most people do not understand what statistics actually are, how to draw meaningful conclusions from good data, and to recognise junk data. This article is a biting satire of our general statistical ineptitude. Unfortunately, I've lost the attribution, please don't think I wrote it (though I wish I had).